All Hallows Eve


The spoils from Halloween karaoke.


Open mic at the Headhouse, October 21st, 2017.

22550335_10214308213800174_6089168045358582963_o copy.jpgA grand evening out with our buddies and pals and buddies from the Musical Achievers (thanks for making the Big Fun with us!) at Saito-san’s (Mama Sushi) Headhouse open mic, with its festively cosmic window lights – framed by the universe, as we were. Was fun to play some more after the flea market gig earlier in the day, with originals in the mix and meeting talentuous new friendlies, and the eating of the sushis. Thanks to “TD Bank” Michelle for the photos. ; )

22550462_10214308214640195_4906821453164312511_o copy.jpgRockin’ Society Hill with the lads, one lead sheet at at time.

22553370_10214309661916376_3199689251532827090_o.jpgMichelle and Rahul doing the Tom Petty.


Wavy Locks Michelle and “Let’s Have a Damn Good Time” Jerry, enjoying one heck of a day off.

22555672_10214308216560243_3059198284518510176_o.jpgChinatown lineup (minus drums and percussion) doing some Cold, Cold Black Magic for you and me.


Capitolo Flea Market, October 21, 2017.


Couldn’t have asked for a sunnier day to fill the airwaves with today’s classic sounds of yester-century. Thanks to Capitoloists Rita and Denise for welcoming us and being enthusiasmic and of very good cheerful. Thanks-you to our friends who came out to have a concerted listen, and spestcially to Linda and Jerry for documentering and thus making the event a re-memorable, and to Jerry for the backroom dealmakering (now I can go to eleven if so I choose). Our first gig in the Larger World with Norm back in the folder, amonkst us.

22729078_1501181619968575_3983070962806125208_n.jpgPlaying for you and me (and your little brother, and your grandma, and that crusty neighbor with the little furball that doesn’t fool anyone anyhow with its yapping bravado).

22549892_1501181493301921_2731639977648015426_n.jpgRon, Painted Girl, Rahul, Cap, Christo-Pierre, and Norm, all staring at the ground with an intensity to make the very rocks crack beneath our well-soled feet.


Ron pelting the skins, bare-handedly and with aplomb (or two).


Pseudo-gallic prisoner out on a weekend pass.


Smooth Fingers Rahul on lead.

22555071_1501181589968578_4701267476250537853_n.jpgIslands, sub-continents, über land masses…and Jersey – many flavors at the salad bar.

22770791_1736897759655865_2702559637877983090_o.jpgAll the usual subsets, the whole lineup, including Painted Girl, our new mascoff.

22548991_1736897752989199_3515650214762863864_o.jpgSmooth Fingers layin’ down some quality, high-end, melodic runs for the Black Magical Woman and her lusty entourage of healthy femininity.






Golden chestnut warhorses soon to be supplemented with music from the 21st century…we may go left we may go right, but expect heavenly choirs of angels and those chords that go bump in the night…

Capitolo Flea Market & Headhouse Open Mic


Hey everyone! We’ll be playing amongst the deal-getters and the food vendors at Capitolo’s Flea Market tomorrow at 11am, 9th and Federal Streets, South Philadelphia. Come check out the action while you search for treasure as we welcome back our guitarist Norm from his Far East travels. Many thanks to bassist/singer Jerry Kern for stepping in during our recent Chinatown Asian Night Market festival appearance. His positive energy, excellent bass chops, and great rock’n’roll voice will be missed!


We’ll also be hosting the Headhouse’s (122 Lombard, 19147 Center City) open mic in the evening, starting at 8:15pm for signups. Come on down and sign up for a slot or just take a seat and enjoy the sushi and the eclectic talent!