Capitolo Flea Market, October 21, 2017.


Couldn’t have asked for a sunnier day to fill the airwaves with today’s classic sounds of yester-century. Thanks to Capitoloists Rita and Denise for welcoming us and being enthusiasmic and of very good cheerful. Thanks-you to our friends who came out to have a concerted listen, and spestcially to Linda and Jerry for documentering and thus making the event a re-memorable, and to Jerry for the backroom dealmakering (now I can go to eleven if so I choose). Our first gig in the Larger World with Norm back in the folder, amonkst us.

22729078_1501181619968575_3983070962806125208_n.jpgPlaying for you and me (and your little brother, and your grandma, and that crusty neighbor with the little furball that doesn’t fool anyone anyhow with its yapping bravado).

22549892_1501181493301921_2731639977648015426_n.jpgRon, Painted Girl, Rahul, Cap, Christo-Pierre, and Norm, all staring at the ground with an intensity to make the very rocks crack beneath our well-soled feet.


Ron pelting the skins, bare-handedly and with aplomb (or two).


Pseudo-gallic prisoner out on a weekend pass.


Smooth Fingers Rahul on lead.

22555071_1501181589968578_4701267476250537853_n.jpgIslands, sub-continents, über land masses…and Jersey – many flavors at the salad bar.

22770791_1736897759655865_2702559637877983090_o.jpgAll the usual subsets, the whole lineup, including Painted Girl, our new mascoff.

22548991_1736897752989199_3515650214762863864_o.jpgSmooth Fingers layin’ down some quality, high-end, melodic runs for the Black Magical Woman and her lusty entourage of healthy femininity.






Golden chestnut warhorses soon to be supplemented with music from the 21st century…we may go left we may go right, but expect heavenly choirs of angels and those chords that go bump in the night…


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