The Grape Room: Calling To You, Rising Sun (03/05/18)


Back from the Grape Room this evening, hosted by Morgan Pinkstone, who played tuneful, folky-blues-y, original songs. I played the above tunes as a Solo Thomas to a warm crowd of fellow performers who included other soloists, a Christian slam poet, and a community college group. It tends to be cold in there – bring layers. I’m guessing it’s probably hot in the summer, though I don’t know. Vibe tonight more “pop” than the last couple of times, but I left before the Pumpkin Hour, so perhaps things got edgier into the wee hours.

Sock Revival played some interesting songs that wandered harmonically and melodically. A group from CCP provided the pop thrust, with vocal harmonies and collegiate enthusiasm. There were others with interesting stuff, but hopefully I’ll catch their info another time, perhaps.

Heading to Connie’s Ric Rac on Wednesday, 7pm (ice storm permitting), for more open mic’ing, this time with Dreaming Norm, to wreak some hammock.

Stay tunéd…

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