Gig & Video Scouting.

Walked around South Philadelphia with our video producer today (who shall remain nameless but anyway whom we call Bob), looking for suitably dilapidated urban decay for “Breakdown” (live, open mic, at the Headhouse).


Down by the piers, we discovered urban blight in the process of being replaced with urban renewal.

Next to the strangely placed Comcast customer store building, there was an otherworldly micro-landscape.


An excellent choice for a B-52’s video set. Where are you, Planet Claire? This looked like a possible outpost for SETI followers. We tried not to get too close, for fear of frying our very selves back into the oblivion from whence we came.


And here, an example of urban cleanup.


Elsewhere in South Philadelphia, a potential gig spot, based on rumors of music taking place:




Ye Olde Creamery makes an excellent matcha milkshake, and also provides a venue for local talent. Look out for a future gig here…


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