Malelani, w/ Plans to Sand (07/27/18): *originals: Calling To You, Rawr, Dreams Tonight, I Don’t Wanna Hear It, Layla, Breakdown, Nothing Matters Without Love, Tomorrow for Today + covers

2018_07_27g_Dark Sweet Lady_small-poster.jpg

Norm & Chris.

2018_07_27j_Down To the Waterline_small-poster.jpg

Ricky & Rahul.

We spent a fine evening at Malelani Café, Mount Airy, playing originals and covers, and joined by special guest “Plans to Sand” (Jessica Pappas & Adrienne Swiatocha). Jonathan Wilder handled sound mixing duties and performed for the open mic segment, along with Marion Halliday  with a new original, Jessica Pappas, Aaron Price, Joe Navidi…forgive/remind us if we left someone out!

Aaron, laying down some excellent singing and fingerpicking:

2018_07_27_Aaron Price.JPG

Big thanks to Malelani Café‘s Big Bear George Drakopoulos, convivial proprietor, and Tomas, who brought the dishes in and out and made things run smooth and easy with his cheery and friendly presence (“Fearless”, man!).

2018_07_27_Jonathan Wilder.JPG

Our inimitable sound man Jonathan Dammit, playing an original.

Adrienne & Jessica, “Plans to Sand”:

We played:

Originals: Save Me, Calling To You, Rawr, Dreams Tonight, I Don’t Wanna Hear It, Tomorrow For Today, Breakdown, Nothing Matters Without Love

Covers: Dark Sweet Lady, Sentimental Lady, Wonderful Tonight, Sister Golden Hair, Layla, Fearless, Moonflower, Sultans of Swing, Black Magic Woman, Hey Bulldog

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