Ye Olde Creamery (07/29/18): full gig

Continuing on with the gigs this weekend, Dreaming Chris went to Ye Olde Creamery ice cream shoppe in Old City to play songs for you and me (“you” being the occasional ice cream eater who trundled down to the basement music room).

Given three hours and some nice acoustics in there (plus lots of reverb), there was plenty of time to play originals. When drunken revelers wandered in with ice cream, “Sister Golden Hair” made her appearance, as well as “Chico & the Man” and “Welcome Back (Kotter)”.

As the evening unrolled itself, I invited my unnamed friend to come back with his guitar, which he thankfully did, and we finished the evening as a duo. This was his first time hearing/playing many of these songs, including the one above, and he did a fine job of it, being baptized in that fire. A more refined version of “Nothing Matters Without Love” will come.

Many thanks to Rhymik Thompson for the invitation, and to shop manager Grace and new ice cream seller recruit Chloe for being so friendly and for the ice cream(!). These guys have music on Fridays and Saturdays every week through October, so come check ’em out, get a cone or a milkshake, and have an ear at the rumblings in the basement.

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