The Listening Room (08/02/18): Doesn’t Love Feel Cruel, Nothing Matters Without Love, Save Me


Led by spontaneously combustible host Lawanda (above), Dreaming Chris took part in yesterday’s open mic at The Listening Room, Germantown, playing three originals, and hearing an eclectic variety of material from the participants, including sardonic folk, angry, political folk, poetry of personal journeying and recognition, ukulele tunes with perceptive lyrics, nimble-fingered classical piano, an impressive riff off of “periwinkle, butt, afghan”, and other words, and a cool slice of watermelon from the Farmer’s Market. This place is always friendly, down-home, young, and on the offbeat. An unadorned community vibe with no false advertising. Congratulations to Germantown Espresso Café on their one year anniversary!

And proof that Meandering Chris was there, on the right (kind of like a Sasquatch photo, but nevertheless)…

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 10.06.30 PM.png

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