Philadelphia Brewing Company, open mic (09/19/18)

Thomases Norm and Chris (see people above) checked out the open mic at the Philadelphia Brewing Company in Kensington this evening. Very friendly not at all stressful (no signup scrum). We got to play four originals (Nothing Matters Without Love, Perfect Day, Dreams Tonight, and Rawr).

Nice as well to meet some new (to us) musicians today: singer-songwriter Kevin and bassist Adam played in the Upticks together. Kevin performed solo this evening (smooth voice and gentle tunes). Looking forward to crossing paths again in the future. Welcoming open mic host Frank Velardo played some great blues, klezmer, and gypsy jazz while roaming the room on his radio guitar, and the other talented musician-folk we saw before heading for the hills included the man with the fedora, and an accordionist. Friendly, low-key vibe to the evening.


We hope to be back. In the meantime, Chris is hosting the open mic at the Headhouse on Saturday, so come check that out, guitar in hand, if you’re wandering the streets of Society Hill devoid of Special Purpose, at 8:15pm.

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