Grape Room, Monday (10/15/18): No Matter What, Nothing Matters Without Love, Down To the Waterline, Be My Baby, Breakdown

IMG_1514 copy.png

The Thomaï have been practicing their little bums off despite the ongoing distraction often interpreted as Real Life, getting ready to play for you and me at the Grape Room, sometime after 9pm, as featured artist for Monday’s open mic, hosted by the convivial Palatine.


Come check us out as we play approximately somewhat 5 or 6 songs, some frankly original to ourselves, some original when played by the original band, originally, in a fit of Monday Night Fury.  We promise to be tuneful and quietly disrespectful.

T  H  E    A  F  T  E  R  W  A  R  D  S…


Badfinger’s “No Matter What”, followed by “Nothing Matters Without Love” by Chris of Thomas, Dire Straits’ “Down To the Waterline”, with Rahul taking lead vocal and lead guitar, the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby”, Norm’s Favorite Song of All Time, sung by…Norm, and “Breakdown”, below, again by Chris of Thomas.

We played, we played loud, we had fun, some of us have to get up early tomorrow!

Good to see the talented Lia Menaker performing tonight, too. She went on a bit after us and wove her web of magical vocal loops with the Magical Looping Device.

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