Chinatown tonight! 7:45pm – 8:15pm, by the Arch!


Come join in the festivities tonight in Chinatown! We’re playing from 7:45pm – 8:15pm on the Chinatown Arch stage at 10th and Arch Streets. Plenty of food, live music, and buzz!

Just before the gig, hanging at Reading Terminal wearing Ricky’s gift of matching cool shades (Norm was en route)…



Middle-aged guys transfixed by technology.

T H E   A F T E R W A R D S….


Frenz. Thanks for coming out to reek some hammock with us!  : D

No Matter What, Part I

No Matter What, Part II

Nothing Matters Without Love

Down To the Waterline

Breakdown (*thanks to Phil for this video snippet)


Rahul amidst the drum parts.


Norm, Rahul, and Jerry perusing cell phone camera images.


Chris in the pre-performance haze.


Ricky and Norm waiting to get onstage.


The view from here.

*more photos here.

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