Dawson St. Pub, open mic featured artist (11/07/18): Save Me, Perfect Day, Nothing Matters Without Love, Dreams Tonight, Goodbye

Come check us out as Featured Artist at Dawson Street Pub’s talent-ridden, Wednesday, November 7th, open mic, hosted by Tyler Asay! Signups at 8:30pm if you want to warble along with All Those Other Folks with Stars in Their Eyes.


T H E   A F T E R M A T H


Waiting for our turn…

Just two Thomases tonight, Norm and Chris. Ricky and Rahul Thomas were tending to life’s vicissitudes. But we held down the fort, by gum and duct tape.


Contemplating the napkin set list backstage.

As usual, here, lots of talent on display. We played 5 original songs over twenty minutes, grateful for the warm welcome we received. Hope to be back at Dawson’s before too long with the full band for a weekend spot. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned for audio.


Erik Kramer Band went on after us and played some tight, experimental? prog? rock. Duly impressed.

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