Milk Boy Open Mic (01/29/19): Dreams Tonight, Breakdown


So Yer Man went to the South Street Milk Boy to check out the Homegrown Open Mic, where if you are selected as best act of the evening you get to play at their bigger location, plus there’s the possibility of a recording contract and radio air time. Met with talented fellow songwriter Joshua Levinsky (check him out, he deserves an audience) there, and we played our two songs each, in the forest of rappers, singer-songwriters, technology singers, broadway-style musical acts, and other creatures of the night…


Dreaming Chris wandered off into the inky depths at 11:20pm, before the second round got going. But this was merely a first encounter, and there will be more Thomases in tow for the next round, to GIVE ‘EM WHAT FER. We’d like us a gig or a recording contract, yeah.


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