Norman & Garfunkel do Chinatown (10/09/19)

Hey, they partied heartily tonight in C-town, with great weather, tons of people, and a fearsome P.A. designed to jiggle yer innards like the legendary knockout punch that sent Bruce Lee into the next dimension. Without our drummer (Ricky Thomas), we went into Busking Mode, and no video this year, but there’s iPhone-placed-on-the-stage audio, thanks to Dreaming Norm.

IMG_1034 copy.JPG
Setting up the tinker toy.
IMG_1036 copy.jpg
Chinatown texture.
IMG_1037 copy.JPG
Running free-range in Chinatown.
IMG_1039 copy.JPG
Entered the dragon.
IMG_1044 copy.JPG
This crowd was for the teenaged, female, K-pop dancers – we gotta get us some black spandex.
Dunkin’ Donuts oasis beforehand. We went with Besame Mucho as the icebreaker. Sincere apologies to sea creatures for the plastic straws.
We played, we unplugged our guitars, we split (but we did say “thank you”, ‘cos we’re well-trained). This was the most efficient Chinatown gig, yet. Two guitars direct into DJ Ronnie’s Mighty, Internal Organ Massaging Sound System, and no road stress, just sitting in trains with guitars, looking, in our romantic imaginations, ever so slightly like rock stars.
Two down, one more upcoming…Dawson Street Pub on the 26th. Stay tuned…


Well, drummer Ricky got called out to a West Coast conference  by his day job earlier than expected and won’t be around to give us a backbeat, so Dreaming Chris & Norm are retooling the set as a duo:


We won’t be as pounding, but we’ll sure be smooth and mellow and aim to provide you with a High Quality Aural Experience as you chow down your gourmet Chinatown fare and sip on that bubble tea, mingling with your fellow humans (and perhaps an incognito alien or two from a far off galaxy) down by the Arch!

8:15pm, 10th and Arch, onstage in front of the Chinatown Gate.

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 12.49.43 AM copy.png


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