Christmas Village (11/30/19)


Unfortunately, Marie was at home with a cold and not able to partake, but a great BIG thanks to our supportive friends, and the folks who happened to innocently enough be there at the Precisely Propitious Moment to watch Joe and Chris warble and jangle. It was a happy occasion with our music buddies, cold on the outside, warm and fuzzy on the inside, oh yes.

Jerry 01.jpg
Chris & Joe (photo: Jerry Kern)
Jerry 02.jpg
(photo: Jerry Kern)
Joe, Jerry, Karen, Brad, Tracey, Jon: les amis musicaux
Jerry 03.jpg
(photo: Jerry Kern)
(photo: Brad Buchsbaum)
Jonathan 04.jpg
(photo: Jonathan Wilder)
Tracey 02.jpg
Karen, Tracey, & Dan (photo: by…someone)
Tracey 01.jpg
Cold & Warm.
Suzanne 02.jpg
(photo: Suzanne Schmid)



Christmas Village_2019_11_30.jpeg

Dreaming Chris, Marie, & Joe will play for you and me on the Christmas Village stage in Love Park this Saturday, 12pm.

Don’t be Square-ish. Be Hippish. Be the Ball. And don’t miss it for goodness’ sake. There’s bound to be a bit of This & That.

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