Melody, melancholy, & chords that go bump in the night…

Storm in a teacup universe.

We write songs about inclement weather in teacups. Well, maybe not. Ok, sometimes. We are pretty polite, though, at least until you get to know us. Well, Ricky’s pretty polite. Plus, he cooks like a chief. And so is Norm (polite), even when he goes off into fits of self-immolating, adolescent distraction. Mostly he’s a sweetie pie. Chris certainly seems polite, but…is he really?

We thrive on melodic indie pop that won’t insult your intelligence as you indulge in whatever form of benign escapism best accommodates your more feral needs.



song-making, song-singing, lead bass-ing, guitar-chording, & piano-tinkling


make-songing, sing-songing, guitar leading, bass-tippling, & keybordering


time-timing*, sing-a-linging

*hitting stuff


resident aumakua

Dr. Rahul

smooth-handing (thomas emeritus)

Doc Sam

studio Thomas (thomas adjunctus)