Tsunami in a teacup melodic indie pop

We drift like floaters in your eyeballs in the vicinity of tunes that won’t insult your intelligence as you indulge in whatever form of benign escapism best accommodates your more feral needs.

First encountering each other over curly fries and beer in the warm, ethiopian womb of a welcoming group of enthusiastic open micʻers in the urban wilds of West Philadelphia, we decided to pool our musical resources (well-trampled classic rock to indie alternative whining) and make a go of it. We play originals – our own and other peopleʻs.

Since then, we have not stormed the Bastille but have nibbled at the base of it, enjoying moments of public exposure and indulging in gentleman hors dʻoeuvres when opportunities arose.

Big thanks to all Thomases, including Cap, Bruddah Ron, Jerry, Bob, Sam, and especially Smooth Hands Rahul, and to our friends and supporters, loyal and casual but particularly the Philly Musical Achievers, important cast members in our little trajectory, and without whom there would have been no story beyond our rehearsal space.

No longer roaming the city seeking gigs and complimentary hors d’oeuvres, we are working on our debut farewell album, which we will announce to an anxious world later this year of Our Lord Jim, 2021.

Much love from Chris, Norm, and Ricky

*ps – click on this word for demo versions of our soon-to-be-unleashed original music, certain to take many a teacup by storm.



songs, chords, bottoms.


songs, leads, bottoms.


tom-toms, pitter-patter.


tom tom.

Dr. Rahul


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