Melody, melancholy, & chords that go bump in the night…

We pick our noses, scratch our heads, eat our dreams, and write our own songs. Dreaming Thomas came to a head as the result of international migratory patterns, ethiopian food, and That Thirst That Even Mere Alcohol Cannot Quench. We prowl the gritty streets of Philadelphia, as well as its suburban McWilds, foraging for inspiration from its intransigent social bifurcation, elegaic architectural decay, and the nakedly rude driving habits of its proudly uncivilized inhabitants.

We thrive on lyrical, clever, indie pop that won’t insult your musical intelligence as you indulge in whatever form of romantic escapism best accommodates your more feral needs.



song-making, sing-songing, lead bass-ing, guitar-chording, & piano-tickling


song-making, song-singing, guitar leading, bass-tippling, & keyboarding


time-timing*, sing-a-linging

*hitting stuff



Dr. Rahul (thomas emeritus)

smooth-handing, straits-singing, found-ing thomas

Dr. Sam (thomas adjunctus)

record-ing, outlying thomas