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Melody, melancholy, & chords that go bump in the night…

We write songs and play songs by people who tattooed themselves into our musical consciousness at a vulnerable age. We take healthily perverse pleasure in setting melodic and harmonic mousetraps and in indulging in occasionally obtuse, lyrical pondering within the context of an unsuspecting three-minute song. 
. . .
Dreaming Thomas frequents the high-density, urban jungle of Philadelphia, with its chronically aging infrastructure, faded architectural glory, deeply-ingrained social bifurcation, chemically-infused industrial legacy, and artery-clogging sandwiches. A great place for artistic ferment and foment. An American Liverpool.


chris.jpg Chris – songwriting, vocals, bass, guitar, “Norm, where’s my pick?”
 norm.png  Normsongwriting, guitar, vocals, bass, “E major, the chillest of all keys.”
ricky.png  Ricky – drums, vocals, “I’m good.”


sam 2.jpg  Sam – recording maestro, “Studio’s almost ready.”
rahul.png  Rahul – Thomas Emeritus – guitar, vocals, “Hey guys, how about some Santana?”

contact: dreamer@dreamingthomas.com


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