Melody, melancholy, and chords that go bump in the night.

Plus some high-energy rock’n’roll to shake the dust mites out of yer socks.

Dreaming Thomas plays originals and covers, accommodating our varied and overlapping tastes, which include fiercely idiosyncratic indie pop, 1970’s FM radio smoothness, unapologetically classic rock, snarkily earnest campfire folk, multi-colored jazz, garage band raggedness, and the slightest hint of classical. We frequent the high-density, urban jungle of Philadelphia, with its chronically aging infrastructure, faded architectural glory, deeply-ingrained social bifurcation, chemically-infused industrial legacy, and artery-clogging sandwiches. A great place for artistic ferment and foment. An American Liverpool.

Contact: dreamer@dreamingthomas.com

img_5176.jpg   Chris – songwriting, vocals, bass, rhythm guitar, keyboard

20728105_10155634284493436_3250085752414012541_n.jpg   Normsongwriting, lead & rhythm guitar, vocals, bass, keyboard

img_4439-copy.jpg   Rahul – lead & rhythm guitar, vocals

18158004_1750981938251237_586277794372432983_n copy.jpg   Cap – drums


…and in disguise as the Night Shades.


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