Melody, melancholy, & chords that go bump in the night…

We play electric and acoustic indie rock, classic rock, originals and covers, and are available for corporate parties, basement parties, corporate basement parties, anti-corporate hipster cafés, blue-collar, white-collar, no-collar pubs, day tripper wine tastings, zoo birthday parties, cultural zeitgeist moments, weddings, divorces, vow renewals, first dates, and whatever else you might throw at us. Culturally ambiguous, we will gleefully intrude upon the sanctity of your Diwali, Obon, Chinese New Year, Ponce Carnival, Irish Wake, or Carnevale celebration, assorted deities willing.
. . .
We frequent the high-density, urban jungle of Philadelphia, with its chronically aging infrastructure, faded architectural glory, deeply-ingrained social bifurcation, chemically-infused industrial legacy, and artery-clogging sandwiches. A great place for artistic ferment and foment. An American Liverpool.
. . .
Loud or soft, we’ll never kick a good melody out of bed.
. . .
Come check us out before yer mother does (and you know she will).


chris.jpg Chris – songwriting, vocals, bass, guitar, keyboard, “Almost. One more time.”
 norm.png  Normsongwriting, guitar, vocals, bass, keyboard, “E major, the chillest of all keys”.
rahul.png  Rahul – guitar, vocals, “Hey guys, let’s play some Larry Carlton!”.
ricky.png  Ricky – drums, sometimes vocals, “I’m good”.


 contact: dreamer@dreamingthomas.com
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