Christmas Village (11/30/19)

Unfortunately, Marie was at home with a cold and not able to partake, but a great BIG thanks to our supportive friends, and the folks who happened to innocently enough be there at the Precisely Propitious Moment to watch Joe and Chris warble and jangle. It was a happy occasion with our music buddies, cold onContinue reading “Christmas Village (11/30/19)”

Capitolo Flea Market (11/02/19)

Musical buddies Mike, Joe, Barry, and Chris shared stage time yesterday at the Capitolo Flea Market. Mainly covers, with a few originals tucked in at the beginning. Thanks to Jessica for the video footage.  : ) “I’ll See You In My Dreams” Afterwards it was off to the Tokio Sushi Headhouse, to host the open mic. LotsContinue reading “Capitolo Flea Market (11/02/19)”

Dawson Street Pub (10/26/19)

Thanks to Dawson Street Pub, especially Josh, who played a great opening set, and Russ, who had our back on the sound board. Promo before: Hey, peeps! We are planning a physical manifestation of ourselves at Manayunk’s storied Dawson Street Pub (100 Dawson Street) on Saturday, October 26th, 9pm, with talented songspinner Josh Levinsky opening theContinue reading “Dawson Street Pub (10/26/19)”

Norman & Garfunkel do Chinatown (10/09/19)

Hey, they partied heartily tonight in C-town, with great weather, tons of people, and a fearsome P.A. designed to jiggle yer innards like the legendary knockout punch that sent Bruce Lee into the next dimension. Without our drummer (Ricky Thomas), we went into Busking Mode, and no video this year, but there’s iPhone-placed-on-the-stage audio, thanksContinue reading “Norman & Garfunkel do Chinatown (10/09/19)”

Philly Maker Faire (10/06/19)

We had a Very Good Time at Philly Maker Faire, today. Thanks to Jeremy DePrisco for organizing all the music stuff and for making us part of the event. Great stage, professional sound dudes and sound system. Kudos to Sam for stepping in with some great guitar work and harmonies on all the originals, and toContinue reading “Philly Maker Faire (10/06/19)”