Delco Quarantine – Originals II (08/26/20)

Chris worked his way through a second set of originals tonight at Delco Quarantine Open Mic on Facebook. “Out of the Cold” co-written with Brian Couch. Out of the Cold (00:19), No Time Left For Dreaming (03:43), Fireflies (07:40), Someone (12:24), Breakdown (15:42), Another Day at the Zoo (20:00), Strange Painted Melody (25:00), Troubled MindContinue reading “Delco Quarantine – Originals II (08/26/20)”

Philly Local Impact open mic – Originals I (08/25/20)

Chris of Dreaming played an all-originals set tonight at Philly Local Impact Live open mic: No Time Left for Dreaming (00:13), Dreams Tonight (04:26), Calling To You (07:20), Save Me (11:42), Heat-seeking Missile (15:33), Til We’re Gone (18:58), Nothing Matters Without Love (22:48), Clouds From My Head (26:40)

Delco Quarantine Originals I (08/20/20)

Dreams Tonight (00:49), Calling To You (03:59), Save Me (07:55), Til We’re Gone (11:49), Clouds From My Head (15:49), Heat-seeking Missile (19:24), Nothing Matters Without Love (22:32), Goodbye (26:09) *Didn’t quite get to No Time Left For Dreaming…for next time. Delco Quarantine Open Mic, Thursday, August 20th, 7:30pm – 8:00pm All originals set list (subjectContinue reading “Delco Quarantine Originals I (08/20/20)”

Delco Quarantine Open Mic (08/07/20)

Take a sip from your Coronaviral Beverage while tuning in to Dreaming Chris’ open mic set, transmitted to you during an exciting August chorus of thunder and lightning. Thank you, Delco Quarantine Open Mic, for the opportunity to warble to the huddled masses, all both of them. Every Night (00:39), Paper Wings (03:46), Rising SunContinue reading “Delco Quarantine Open Mic (08/07/20)”

Philly Local Impact (08/04/20), Malelani (08/06/20) open mics

Two open mics with nearly the same tunes as Delco Quarantine, earlier. Excuse the repetition, just keeping track so the next one at each place has new material: Philly local Impact: Meadowlarks, Alison, Besame Mucho, Chico & the Man, Cry Baby Cry, Kanaka Wai Wai, Well Alright, Fireflies, Breakdown Malelani (see video above): Wasted OnContinue reading “Philly Local Impact (08/04/20), Malelani (08/06/20) open mics”