I Don’t Wanna Hear It

Demo of new song. To be polished. By my standards, a relatively quick comp. Norm’s setting the pace, egging us on with “Hey! I just wrote another song!” once every two or three days.

Vacations, work, tummy trouble…music in the shadow and on the offbeat. It’s been more difficult to get together over the summer than hoped, but this week I’m looking for a pickup.

With one original done, more coming from Norm by the hour, and whatever my next one will be, time to start looking at the album order.



Ha’iku Gang.

“You Can Close Your Eyes” – James Taylor.

“Every Night” – Paul McCartney.

Back with high school bandmates for an afternoon of sunny harmonizing in a vacant rental house in between tenants. In the style of garage band ephemera, we thought to press the record button on the boom box (updated to an iPad) to capture an otherwise fleeting moment. Nothing like playing with friends you made music with when you were sixteen.

The river of time flows quickly. The currents can be deep. Enjoy the ride and link inner tubes when you can.

Seeking bandmates so I don’t have to keep playing with myself (though that has its pleasures as well).


I write songs, sing, play guitar, bass, and piano, and seek others to play catchy indie pop with musical guts for café and pub gigs, guerilla video-making, and for wearing cool, second-hand clothes around town in plain sight of everybody.

You play an instrument, you sing, you harmonize, you write songs, you have a sense of humor. You’re ready to charm entire cafés and dirty pubs into blissful submission.

Influence: Beatles.

But Also: Elvis Costello, Entre Rios, Nick Drake, Badfinger, Elliot Smith, Jellyfish, James Taylor, Buddy Holly, Joao Gilberto, the Byrds, Nina Simone, Dave Edmunds, Jellyfish, Squeeze, XTC, Norah Jones, Fleet Foxes, Simon & Garfunkel, Nirvana, Gillian Welch, Burt Bacharach, Fleetwood Mac, XTC, Byrds, Pink Floyd, Crowded House, Cheers Elephant…and keen to explore new territory.

Original songs here.

Contact: dreamer@dreamingthomas.com