Bass Song #2 & Out of the Cold

Open mic last Saturday at Gojjo’s, at the Meetup.

New Norm bass original.

Chris doing “Out of the Cold”, co-written with musical friend Brian Couch.


The aftermath of a good time in Chinatown…

So today we got to play our long-anticipated Chinatown Night Market gig…

“Pump It Up”, thanks, Elvis, for writing a shredder:


Waiting for the stage to materialize…


Rahul and Ron, guarding the percussion.


The street goes pedestrian.


Setting up the drums. We arrived at 4:30 for the 5:00 soundcheck, which eventually happened at 6:45 or thereabouts. But all’s well that ends well.

IMG_5626 copy.JPG

Chris, Cap, and Ron.


Shaka from Bruddah Ron, with Chris and Rahul, waiting for the sun to go down and our turn to cut loose.


Band shot with Ron, Jerry, Rahul, Chris, & Cap. *photo courtesy Michele Vandergrift.


Jerry pours his soul into “SOB” by Nate Rateliff and the Night Sweats:


Here’s “Black Magic Woman”, with Rahul on lead vocal and lead guitar (yeah!) More videos on our “Video” page.


IMG_5735 copy.JPG


IMG_5746 copy.JPG


IMG_5752 copy.JPG

…and here’s “Hey Bulldog”. *more videos on our “Video” page.

Thanks to our friends who came and supported us – it was great to get our rocks off all together.  ; )

Open mic solos

These cameos are part of our regular participation habit with Jerry’s Musical Achievers meetup group at Gojjo’s, where we hang with our usual suspects, drink beer, and eat ethiopian dinners with our fingers. The most forgiving and supportive audience you could play for. Thanks to Michael Kitt for videotaping and editing everybody.

“Save Me” – original by Chris

Rahul with some smooth Santana.

Norm’s new original.

“Meadowlarks”, Fleet Foxes.

Band Practice, September 9, 2017

IMG_1426.JPGGetting ready for October in Chinatown, making sure the night vision gear works. Photo: Jerry Kern

IMG_1415.JPGRon stepping in on percussion. Two guys from Hawai’i in da band tonight. Ho, shoulda brought da poké!

IMG_1421.JPGChris & Rahul.


Norm & Cap.

IMG_1419.JPGChris & Cap, shade modeling.

IMG_1418.JPGBruddah Ron adding latin styling to “Black Magic Woman”.

IMG_5221.JPGJerry is holding down the bass and contributing gutsy lead vocals on “Cold, Cold, Cold” and “S.O.B” during Norm’s asian trek.

IMG_1428.JPGLow-angle Norm.

IMG_1423 copy.JPGA likely crew.

So we’re getting our feet wet, as these videos will attest, but we’re off to a decent start. Working out intros, outros, in-between-tros, etc. Starting out with covers here, but with an ear to originals Norm and Chris have stockpiled and are keen to introduce to an unsuspecting audience.  Our good friend Jerry is sitting in on bass while Norm travels, and Cap’s buddy Ron lent two hands to some excellent percussion at last night’s practice.

The internet may have brought us here, rather than the guitar store message board, but now it’s all humans.

Live practice:

Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits)

Cold, Cold, Cold (Cage the Elephant)

Black Magic Woman (Santana)

Radio Free Europe (REM)

A little down-time, fast-finger exercise for Jerry.