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January, 2017

• Sunday, January 7th, 4:00pm: Malelani Café , (Marie Huard exhibition opening) – NO DREAMING THOMAS, but come check out the artwork and talented musical guest Marion Halliday!

December, 2017

• Thursday, December 28th, 7:00pm: Malelani Café , (Fly On the Wall, Goodbye)

• Wednesday, December 27th, 7:00pm: Connie’s Ric Rac (Dreams Tonight, Breakdown)

• Tuesday, December 19th, 7:30pm: Working While Playing (Dreams Tonight, Breakdown, Goodbye)

• Saturday, December 9th, 7:00pm: Gojjo (Sentimental Reasons, This Guy’s In Love With You)

• Thursday, December 7th, 7:30pm: The Listening Room (Save Me, Breakdown, Goodbye)

• Monday, December 4th, 8:00pm: The Grape Room (Rawr, Save Me, Breakdown)

• Saturday, December 2nd, 8:15pm: The Headhouse (Rawr, Save Me)

November, 2017

• Thursday, November 30th, 7:00pm: Malelani Café (Someone, Save Me)

Wednesday, November 22nd, 8:00pm:  The El Bar (open mic) *cancelled by the venue.

• Monday, November 20th, 8:00pm: The Grape Room (Dreams Tonight, Waiting For You Here, Breakdown)

• Thursday, November 16th, 7:30pm: The Listening Room (Some Days)

• Saturday, November 14th, 7:00pm: Gojjo (Bass Song #2, Out of the Cold)

• Thursday, November 9th, 7:30pm: The Listening Room (Dreams Tonight)

• Wednesday, November 8th, 9:00pm: The Mermaid Inn (Dreams Tonight, Rawr, Some Days)

October, 2017

• Saturday, October 21st, 8:15pm: The Headhouse (Cold, Cold, Cold, SOB)

• Saturday, October 21st, 11:00am: Capitolo Flea Market

• Saturday, October 18th, 7:00pm: Gojo (Someone, Undertow)

• Thursday, October 12th, 8:15pm: Chinatown Night Market

• Tuesday, October 3rd, 8:30pm: O’Donnell’s Pub & Grill

September, 2017

• Saturday, September 20th, 2017: Gojjo (New Kid at School, Desperate…)

• Saturday, September 13th, 7:00pm: Gojjo (Save Me…)

August, 2017

• Saturday, August 26th, 8:30pm: Headhouse ( I Don’t Wanna Hear  It… )

• Saturday, August 12th, 8:30pm: Headhouse (Fearless, Sentimental Lady…)

July, 2017

• Sunday, July 30th, 5:00pm: North Hero Tiki Bar & Grill

June, 2017

• Plans to take over the world…

May 2017

• Saturday, May 28th, 7:00pm: Gojo (Sentimental Lady, Fearless)

• Tuesday, May 23rd, 8:00pm: Cap’s Bar & Restaurant

April 2017

• Sunday, April 2nd, 2:00pm: WAGE

January, 2017

• Saturday, January 21st, 7:00pm: Gojjo (Clouds From My Head)

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