Headhouse > December 2nd, 2017

Welcome, Ricky, drummer and culinary artist extraordinaire, to the band! He debuted in style on cajon at tonight’s Headhouse open mic, hosted by Chris, with our buddies from the Musical Achievers out in full force. Fearless Leader Jerry joined us again with his impressive bass and vocal pipes skills for a couple of songs.  It was an eclectic, open mic variety selection of talented performers, including some folks we had the pleasure of meeting that very evening.

Things got off to an interesting start, with an attempted car theft, a successful car theft the night before, and parking tribulations.

Many thanks to our musical friends for joining us tonight, and making the merry.

Norm’s “Rawr”. We also played “Save Me” and “Sister Golden Hair” to start things up. *video credit: Tracey Ellenbogen. Still images: Marie Huard.

IMG_5915 copy.JPGNorm, Ricky, Rahul, and Chris.

IMG_5913 copy.JPG

IMG_5921 copy.JPG

IMG_5935 copy.JPG

IMG_5943 copy.JPGJerry joins in for the Night Sweats’ “S.O.B.”

IMG_5948 copy.JPG

IMG_5940 copy.JPG


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