Headhouse open mic > August 12th, 2017


First night out in awhile, at Saito-san’s “Headhouse”. We billed ourselves as “Secret Asian Band”. After a nice bowl of tempura udon and other delectables, Rahul, Norm, and I took to the open mic stage and played Fearless, Sentimental Lady, Layla, Dark Sweet Lady and Dreams Tonight. Good warmup for tomorrow’s “Sip’n’Strum”, and we scored an October gig in Chinatown to boot!

An active week – open mic at Malelani, the Headhouse, above, and party Chez Rahul on Saturday. And a little Plastic Club jam with a flutist, violinist, and fellow guitar picker on Tuesday. Originals practice tonight with Norm.

Find the secret asian in the photo.

*photo credit: Sharon Egan


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