The Grape Room > December 4th, 2017

Return From the Grape Room

IMG_6033 copy.JPG

Norm & Chris return from the Grape Room. The above image was not at all Photoshopped by copying and pasting the Grape Room logo onto the sign outside because the lighting wasn’t working for us…don’t even imagine we would do something like that.


We played our tunes “Rawr”, “Save Me”, and “Breakdown”, and we listened to Palatine the host’s amazing tenor voice, traded buttons with husband and wife duo “Jamie & the Guarded Heart”, listened to a banjo-playing drummer, and finally, a tech-savvy rapper before calling it a night after a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon each.

IMG_6031 copy.JPG

Dreaming Chris, swept up in the excitement of being called onstage, forgot to press the record button on the iPhone to capture video, but Norm sagely recorded audio:.

We showed up, did our bit, stayed a bit longer, and now have another feather in the dreaming cap. Catch Chris on Thursday at the Listening Room open mic.

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