The Grape Room > November 20th, 2017


Cross one more off the list, we’ll call it a “gig”. Played three songs (Dreams Tonight, Waiting For You Here, and Someone) at the Grape Room, Manayunk, tonight, at their Monday open mic, froze my butt off – cold, cold, cold. Polite applause. They also have a Wednesday night open jam, might investigate as well. Dawson’s is apparently another place to check out in the area.


Photo above is of nobody I know, and not tonight. But the place looks like that.

Started slow but eventually about 10 or so people signed up. A girl named Joanna went second after Morgan the host. Joanna the musical therapist did some nice open tuning picking on a few original songs, impressive. I went on after a couple of comedians, the first one plays bass and other instruments in a multitude of bands around town that I would have heard of if I knew what was going on (but I am oblivious). The second one had a lot to say about genitalia sizes and other things. And there was a hip-hop-hipper.

A young guy named Chris who just moved up from Florida went on did some heavy metal fingerings. Dylan, who was going to play some open chord originals, moved down from Brooklyn recently looking to play in the less hectic Philadelphia atmosphere.

A nice spot, probably Manayunk’s main music venue, guessing. More of an “originals” place.

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