The Listening Room, November 10th, 2017


*photo from the Listening Room’s Facebook page, past session.

Solo Thomas played at the Listening Room open mic, Germantown, this evening (“Dreams Tonight” and “Sister Golden Hair”). Younger crowd than at the Mermaid Inn or Malelani Café, lots of talented peoples, friendly and welcoming. 99% guys this particular evening: incense, colored lights, and Man Vibe. One fellow with a suitcase full of guitar pedals, another with a suitcase full of harmonicas, a guy who invented a song on the spot, a woman singing the ends of lines beautifully, a hip-hopper, a poet, a few sardonic folkies, a big man with a big voice, and several more…just like being in your mid-late twenties, workin’ at the bookstore or the coffeeshop, being poor and skinny, full of youthful cynicism, and not knowing where you’re going…

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