O’Donnell’s Bar & Grille > October 3rd, 2017


A shot of No Evil (with Cap) as we warmed up our guitars in the guitar toaster before going onstage.

Maiden foray into the street pub jungle: O’Donnell’s in Gloucester City, tonight. We share our percussion section with No Evil, who put on a great set of classic songs (my favorite being “I Can See Clearly Now”, with its catchy melody, jamaican rhythms, and chromatic bridge).


Celebrating after the gig with some hopefully non-obscene hand gestures and Mick’s birthday cake.


Me and our Wild Man.

Thanks to our Achieving Friends Jonathan and Anna, who made the trek and supported this appearance in the wilds of New Jersey. And thanks to Mick, who let us play as Featured Band alongside his No Evil on his birthday, thanks to Kaden for videotaping us, and to Jerry, who brings sheer ebullience to the proceedings while Our Norm in the East is…in the East.


Percussion soul brothers Cap and Ron.

We’re not Pub Virgins anymore. Here’s what we dove into tonight:


Energy level maintained at cruising altitude and blew through 30 minutes. Two members of the audience got out of their chairs to do some rug-cutting.

Now it’s upward and onward to the Chinatown Gate on October 12th…stay tuned.

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