Keokea Park (09/21/21)

Cover of “Everybody’s Changing” by Keane, at Keokea Park.

“Les Sabots d’Hélène”, Georges Brassens

“I Fall In Love Too Easily”, Chet Baker

Facebook Live (09/16/21)

Part I (above) of a Facebook Live gig. Playing around in the treehouse.

Heartbeat (01:30), Calling To You (04:33), She Goes On (09:20), Allison (14:00), You Can Close Your Eyes (18:25), Dreams Tonight (21:45), Chico & the Man (25:29), Isn’t It a Pity (29:20), Nothing Matters Without Love (34:25), Sentimental Reasons (39:15), Fireflies (44:15)

Part II:

I’ll See You in My Dreams (02:15), Goodbye (06:35), Wasted On the Way (11:30), Why Worry (16:00), Besame Mucho (19:20), Save Me (23:40), Norwegian Wood (28:25), Sister Golden Hair (31:25), Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright (35:25), Til We’re Gone (39:50), The Way You Look Tonight (45:10), American Tune (48:30)

Note #1: The Dreaming Thomases, even Norm and Ricky did not follow Chris to the Tropics, are working together on an album. Look for that to come out by the end of the year (Our Lord Jim 2021).

Note #2: Deek Watson & PAT Best (not Pete or Paul) wrote “Sentimental Reasons”. There you have it.