Desert Southwest Open Mic (08/13/20)

Full, 1/2 – hour open mic set with the welcoming folks at Desert Southwest Open Mic. “It’s great to be here in Tucson, tonight!” The usual gremlins here and there, but the overall effect should still be, we hope, “mildly pleasurable”.

Son of a Gun (00:38), Calling To You (03:00), The Beat (07:31), Let It Grow (11:45), She Goes On (15:54), Saltwater (19:17), Goodbye (22:40), Peggy Sue Got Married (25:05)

Delco Quarantine Open Mic (08/07/20)

Take a sip from your Coronaviral Beverage while tuning in to Dreaming Chris’ open mic set, transmitted to you during an exciting August chorus of thunder and lightning. Thank you, Delco Quarantine Open Mic, for the opportunity to warble to the huddled masses, all both of them.

Every Night (00:395), Paper Wings (03:46), Rising Sun (07:02), Radio Free Europe (11:00), You Can Close Your Eyes (15:35), I Will (18:58), Til We’re Gone (21:18), Troubled Mind (25:19), #9 Dream (30:39)

Delco Quarantine Open Mic (07/30/20) #2

Second foray into the Delco Open Mic for Chris Thomas, who’s keeping the band flag burning while Norm Thomas wrestles with lawyers and Ricky Thomas remains Somewhere Under the Radar.

Alison (00:06), American Tune (03:01), Besame Mucho (07:26), Chico & the Man (11:24), Cry Baby Cry (14:40), Kanaka Wai Wai (17:27), Meadowlarks (20:25), Breakdown – original (23:46), Fireflies – original (27:47)

“Serenity Now” – Pascal Project (07/29/20)

Drummer Gregg Delso of the cover band Too Many Kings responded to a Craigslist ad thrown out into the Coronaverse by Dreaming Chris, with the happy result that they covered this song from Gregg’s old band Pascal Project, co-written by Gregg and former bandmate Adrian De Marco. Mid-Sixties vibe, catchy riff – what more could one ask for? : D