Philly Local Impact Open Mic (07/21/20): Dreams Tonight, Nothing Matters…

Chris played the Philly Local Impact Live virtual open mic this evening. The long-standing love affair with framing his head partially out of the video manifested itself again until 08:38, when “The Way you Look Tonight” gets going. Thanks to Tom Monari and Ashton John for organizing/hosting/playing.

Is That Love (00:00), Wasted On the Way (02:41), Falling Out (06:10 ), The Way You Look Tonight (08:38 ), Dreams Tonight – original (11:14 ), Nothing Matters Without Love – original (14:27 )

Malelani Café Open Mic (07/16/20): “Is That Love”, “Fly On the Wall”, “Til We’re Gone”

Wandering out of the confines (virtually) of the house, Dreaming Chris played Malelani Café’s Facebook Live Open Mic, trying out “Is That Love” (by Squeeze, recently undertaken with some aplombly with Graham, Michael, and Ian), “Fly On the Wall” (m’oldie original), and “Til We’re Gone” (fresh original) on his fellow open mic’ers. An agreeable evening, in spite of the presence of technology.

Some time reference so you can skip around:

00:15 – Is That Love (Squeeze)

03:02 – Fly On the Wall (original)

07:08 – Til We’re Gone (original)