Some idle comments about dreamers (08/31/17)


Dreamers make stuff up.
Dreamers can have a complex relationship with day-to-day reality.
Dreamers take their time.
It’s possible to be at times out of sync with schedules, responsibilities, and people if you are a dreamer.
There are different sorts of dreamers: benign, benevolent, obsessive, calm, big picture, pro-active, impulsive, slow burning, etc.
To be a dreamer, forget about things a little bit, take a step or two back from everyday existence, for better or for worse, or both.
Practice staring at waves and clouds, listening to the wind, watching ants, or taking naps. The moments between sleeping and waking up are key. It all happens between the frames, when you start remembering or forgetting who you are.
Some dreamers have their head in the clouds. Some, their feet. Dreamers have been accused of having their heads in other places as well, but that’s the opinion of those who have forgotten that we are all dreaming.

Without dreams, we would go crazy. Without dreamers, we would all be accountants.

Headhouse (08/26/17)

Solo appearance this evening at Saito-san’s “Headhouse” in Society Hill. My fellow performers were largely 20-30-somethings who turned out to know each other, from kindergarten, high school, or other past lives. One girl did a nice rendition of “Georgia On My Mind”. The host, Carolyn, also played a kewel original tune at the end called “The End” (I think) – great line in it about the confidence of a “mediocre man”.

Dreaming Chris played “Dreams Tonight”, “Goodbye”, “Waiting For You Here”, and “I Don’t Wanna Hear It” – originals only. A flub or two here and there, but the lingering effects of novocaine from a visit to the dentist for a filling earlier in the day kept things chill.

Thanks to the fine folks at Staples Copy & Printing Services for 1,000, shiny (well, ok they’re matte finish) new business cards!

I’ve been told my drawing skills have improved. I would have to agree.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 12.21.33 AM.png

New friend for baby bass amp (08/20/17)


Baby bass amp has a big brother now. Time to make the earth rumble.

We are now officially “Dreaming Thomas”. “Secret Asian Band” was good for a laugh (but now we are much more seriouser).

Welcome Cap on drums and Jerry on bass (sitting in for Norm during his travels) for the Chinatown Night Market gig in October. In addition to Cap’s tasteful stick work and Jerry’s expertly solid bass anchor and boundless enthusiasm, Rahul will be smooth and silky on lead, and yours truly will be warbling at full throatle and jangling away on rhythm guitar for the evening.


Gleefully unfettered narcissism (08/15/17)

So this was like an early Halloween, getting ready for a likely Chinatown gig with the fellers. Running the gamut from “Casual Whatever It’s Chill” to “the Edge”, to “Lounge Club Jazz Guy” to “Grunge Muffin” to “Middle-aged Yuppie Rocker”.

Control Group Guy: just hanging with fellow, hipster-mocking, politically self-righteous, liberal amigos on the recycled, synthetic wood porch at the BBQ, celebrating 20 years of student loan payments, a recently paid-off mortgage, and the new Prius.
The Edge with a stern message from Yoda to all ye slackers out there.
Check out Guitar George, he knows all the chords (or at least the major and minor ones).
A little smooth jazz to soothe irked, yuppy souls at their cocktail hour, hump-day, backstabbing session.
Lounge Lizard grooves: George Benson, Henry Mancini, Kenny G, or Burt Bacharach, anyone?
The “I’m Not Even Plugged In” guitar face.
Just off the IKEA day shift, time to unleash the raging beast within and give the devil his monthly installment payment.
Grunge days are back. Still chill, dude.
Shaka for the peeps. Peace out.
Up close and personal, rock’n’roll is still best experienced in yer face.
Thrift store fashion.
Alternative Indie Songwriter hoping to score some iTune and Spotify downloads for the CD Baby release with a Facebook page photo session.

Headhouse open mic (08/12/17)


First night out in awhile, at Saito-san’s “Headhouse”. We billed ourselves as “Secret Asian Band”. After a nice bowl of tempura udon and other delectables, Rahul, Norm, and I took to the open mic stage and played Fearless, Sentimental Lady, Layla, Dark Sweet Lady and Dreams Tonight. Good warmup for tomorrow’s “Sip’n’Strum”, and we scored an October gig in Chinatown to boot!

An active week – open mic at Malelani, the Headhouse, above, and party Chez Rahul on Saturday. And a little Plastic Club jam with a flutist, violinist, and fellow guitar picker on Tuesday. Originals practice tonight with Norm.

Find the secret asian in the photo.

*photo credit: Sharon Egan