The Listening Room > November 16th, 2017

Second time at the Germantown Espresso Bar’s Listening Room last night, another solo go of it – a bit bumpy (forgot some words and chords to “Someone”, followed by a cover of the Big Pink Floyd’s “Fearless” and then another original, “Some Days”), but plowed through, nerveless. Diverse group this evening, aged 10 to 51, but mostly 20-40-year-olds. Like being at a progressive, laid-back friend’s living room in a pre-gentrified neighborhood where local, out-of-the-woodwork artists can still roam free-range, before the boutiques and fusion restaurants invade.

The mix of fellow performers included a couple of precocious 10-year-olds and their familial entourage, covering Kamakawiwo’ole covering Garland and doing a precocious and strident original tune, a woman who could harmonize at the drop of a melody giggling her way through virtual assistant poetry based on search prompts like “Butt” and “Do babies…”, and a singer/pianist giggling through three covers being supported by various people, a fellow from a band named after a barn doing originals and a cover, a couple of guys from the previous week doing a fine job with songs from the previous week, a woman who energetically played a Bach Invention, and the host, opening the proceedings with some nicely-crafted originals, projecting friendly demeanor and attentive inclusivity and keeping his sang-froid after the mixer got pulled with an impressive thud to the floor.

And they have good tea.

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