Giggles & a Big Whump.

Second time at the Germantown Espresso Bar’s Listening Room last night, another solo go of it – a bit bumpy (forgot some words and chords), but plowed through. Diverse group this evening, aged 10 to 51, but mostly 20-40-year-olds. Like being at a progressively laid-back friend’s living room in a pre-gentrified neighborhood where local, out-of-the-woodwork artists still roam free-range.

The mix of fellow performers included a couple of precocious 10-year-olds and their familial entourage, covering Kamakawiwo’ole covering Garland and doing a precocious and strident original tune, a woman giggling her way through virtual assistant poetry based on search prompts like the word “Butt” and “Do babies…”, and another giggling her way through three covers being supported by various people, a fellow from a band named after a barn, a couple of guys from the previous week doing a good job with songs from the previous week, a woman who energetically played a Bach Invention on the house piano, the host, opening the proceedings with some nicely-crafted originals, successfully projecting a friendly demeanor of attentive inclusivity and keeping his cool after the mixer got pulled with an impressive thud to the floor…quite a variety show.

And they have good tea.


The Listening Room


*photo from the Listening Room’s Facebook page, past session.

Solo Thomas played at the Listening Room open mic, Germantown, this evening. Younger crowd than at the Mermaid Inn or Malelani Café, lots of talented peoples, friendly and welcoming. 99% guys this particular evening: incense, colored lights, and Man Vibe. One fellow with a suitcase full of guitar pedals, another with a suitcase full of harmonicas, a guy who invented a song on the spot, a woman singing the ends of lines beautifully, a hip-hopper, a poet, a few sardonic folkies, a big man with a big voice, and several more…just like being in your mid-late twenties, workin’ at the bookstore or the coffeeshop, being poor and skinny, full of youthful cynicism, and not knowing where you’re going…

Following the Siren into uncharted waters…


Good time tonight at the Mermaid Inn – we appreciated the warm response, especially for original tunes (Dreams Tonight, Rawr, and Some Days), and enjoyed hearing the talented folks before us. Sincere apologies for our uncouth, hasty retreat – work-work to do tonight and gotta wake up at 6am for the morning commute…but thanks for a happy moment and we hope to see the friendly folks at the Mermaid’s Pad again in the not-too-distant future!


The Mermaid Inn open mic


Dreaming Norm & Dreaming Chris are going to crash the open mic at the Mermaid Inn on Wednesday, November 8th, 6pm-ish, at 7673 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19118.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 10.34.37 PM.png

Come check us out before yo’ mama does.

The Listening Room


Dreaming Chris is going to play the open mic at Germantown’s the Listening Room, exposing a suspecting audience to original songs…watch out!

Thursday, November 9, 7:30pm, 26 Maplewood Mall, Germantown, Philadelphia, 19144. *above the Germantown Espresso Bar