McMichael Park with the Achievers (06/27/21)

A memorable day. Thanks to the Philly Musical Achievers who came to sing and listen in McMichael Park in East Falls. Thanks to Jerry Kern for his PA, his infinite ebullience, and for being the Achievers’ (from whence we sprung) fearless leader for over eight years, now. Thanks to Friends of McMichael Park for supportingContinue reading “McMichael Park with the Achievers (06/27/21)”

At the Kelly Center (06/21/21)

Wouldn’t call it “standing room only”, but we had an excellent time in Havertown today, playing for two hours (dear me) at Tom Kelly’s Kelly Center. It was the debut of the Chris & Ricky Duo (Norm has a real job and had to work, the poor sod). Ricky’s mildly perverse humor was very amusing.Continue reading “At the Kelly Center (06/21/21)”

Kelly Center (06/21/21)

Chris & Ricky are going to materialize at Havertown’s Kelly Center on Monday, June 21st, 2-4pm for you, for me, for your hairy uncle…playing songs restless mama and helping to sell coffee and muffins. Vive le muffin! It’s France’s Fête de la Musique, and we’re doing it in Philadelphia. We’ll be one of some severalContinue reading “Kelly Center (06/21/21)”

Off we go, asunder…(05/25/21)

Large, heart-shaped words from Our Norm (Dearly Beleaguered, we are sequestered here today to pay heed to all applicable regulatory bodies – and irregular ones as well…). The end is nigh (long live the end), and it’s been a blost, but there’s still a good chunk of it to mess with before we disbungle. AndContinue reading “Off we go, asunder…(05/25/21)”